Madison B Jennings

Web-based designer + developer. Originally from Dallas, located in Brooklyn. Working in human-centered design.

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Madison B Jennings

Desiderio, Kaufman & Metz, PC
Illustrator, InDesign, AfterEffects, Photoshop, Figma, HTML, CSS, Wordpress

This was a branding project for a boutique real estate law firm. With a month's notice, I strategized with the Director of Marketing, designed and rolled out this brand. The website was brought to life with the help of a digital marketing specialist. Headshot photography and editing were finished in Photoshop by me, as well.

This project was fast-paced. One hazy New York afternoon, my team (consisting of myself, my marketing director, and my digital marketing specialist) and I received word that the firm we had been working for would be going dark for 6 months. Legal operations could not afford to halt, of course, but we could not conduct business under the previous entity. We had 30 days to strategize + come up with a replacement brand for the firm.

The name was decided by the powers at be, it was our team’s job collaborate to flesh out the name and create an entity that would seamlessly replace the one our clients were familiar with without causing alarm or uncertainty. To do this, we prioritized quality, usability, and simplicity. We started with a simple logo and a cool color pallette. For this logo, I used Illustrator. I also created a logo animation in AfterEffects to give the brand a more professional feel. 

On the internet, we thought it best to keeping messaging direct, web pages clean, and social media presence uncomplicated.

Using Figma to prototype, Wordpress to publish and HTML/CSS to customize, I designed a no-frills website that communicated what the firm was, their level of expertise, their team and how to get in touch with them. 

Along the way, I was tasked with shooting and editing brand new headshots for the firm to match their fresh new brand. All editing for these was done in Photoshop.

Finally, our new firm needed new stationery, so I used InDesign to create their letterhead and business cards. 

This brand was only live for 6 months, but our team received praise from clients, associates and executives alike for keeping clients at the forefront of our strategy, for churning the whole brand out so quickly and efficiently, for communicating with each other and the firm along the way, and ultimately for making it all look so good.